Support Us


Shop at Ralph’s

We are now enrolled in Ralphs Community Contribution program.  For
every dollar you spend at Ralphs, N.E.T. will now get a monthly
portion by check which will be a great fundraiser for us.  Please
enroll as soon as possible and tell all of your friends and family and
everyone you know!  Once you register (which takes less than 5
minutes), you are up and running for a year and don't have to do
anything else.  Every time you shop at Ralphs, you will see a blurb at
the bottom of your receipt that a portion has been donated to N.E.T.
Here are the steps to follow:

1.  Go to
2.  Go the the bottom to Services and click on Community Contributions
or click here
3.  Click on Participant
4.  If you already have an acct. just log in.  If you don't have an
acct. you can create one.
5.  Once you've logged in, there will be 3 more steps:
     1.  Put our Non Profit Number in which is 92617.
     2.  Below that you will see that Neo Ensemble Theatre has popped
     up.  Click the button next to our name.
     3.  Click on "save".

And you are done!  Be aware that it will take 10 days or so for the
donation blurb to appear on the bottom or your grocery receipt, but
don't worry.  It will be entered at Ralphs on our contribution page.